About Marlon

People who know Marlon Braccia best, say this bona fide yogi, a.k.a Yogi Marlon, is perennially inquisitive, positive-minded and tenacious. She wrote, self-produced and appeared as sole on-camera host in 25 how-to cooking videos and 50 TV episodes of Yoga Time, which have now sold over 1.3 million copies and then expanded her talents to voice over. As a narrator, she’s an expert on ancient spiritual texts of Hindu and Eastern philosophy, esoteric studies such as astrology, palmistry, tarot, etc. She’s got enthusiasm for biographies that reflect greatness and all subjects that support humanity’s health, happiness, spirituality and well-being.

"Hmmm, what to narrate next?" Marlon ponders.
“Hmmm, what to narrate next?” Marlon ponders.

Marlon’s her sultry, seductive voice for enriches luxurious brands like Mercedes. Her sexy, resonant voice can range from velvety smooth to slightly raspy. It’s clear and intelligent, giving classy tones to premium advertising.

Marlon’s background as an initiated yogi, informs her narration and promos for works motivated by spiritual pursuits. Specialization in perfectly pronunciation of Sanskrit. She is knowledgeable in many branches of yoga, including Hatha, Raja, Kriya, Kundalini, Swara, Tantra, Laya, Karma, Bhatki , Karma yogas, plus Ayurveda and Joitish.

Experienced in recording breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, Sanskrit chanting (mantra) and yoga instruction.

Coming soon:
A collective of spiritually knowledgeable narrators and voice over artists who bring a deep understanding of spiritual teachings to your voice-over or narration project.

Marlon has been a live teacher, lecturer and an on-camera instructor in over 40 hours of video.
In addition to productions that demonstrate yoga, she is an all-natural chef, cookbook author and spiritual columnist.

Teen, Young Adult, Adult. Giraffe. (Just kidding. They don’t speak. Well, not much anyway!)
Her natural speaking voice is female, mid-range, with a general American dialect.

Proficient in dialects from:
Southern Belle
New York
English (Cockney to Royal)

Fast forward to a quirky set of mad-cap, animated characters and gaming heroines that imaginatively give life and personality to copy.

Soul Sista (Yo Mama! Think Wanda Sykes)
Little Thai Girl,
Verushka the Dominatrix,
Ingenue~Girl Next Door,
May Chin~Take Your Order Pleez. You like Poke?
Maria~Ambassador to Italy,
Beatrice-Snobby, French innkeeper,
Ms.English Art Gallery,
Daphne Suzuki Sanchez,
Like Sarah Silverman, but cheaper.

Footnote: “Never alone with a schizophrenic.
“Unique characters can be imaginatively developed for your project. Please inquire.
Marlon Braccia articulates with clear speech and voice prompts for Interactive Voice Response on telephone systems; telephony.

ADR and Looping
Extensive additional dialogue replacement experience. Marlon is a very talented mimic.
Overall, clients find Marlon to have tremendous vocal range, spanning 4 octaves for low, sexy tones to the squeals of children.
Marlon has launched Los Angeles Loopers with 2 partners!