Hands, Feet & Legs for TV, print & film


Seen in hundreds of commercials, magazines, films and TV shows, Marlon Braccia has become the go-to girl for tabletop photographers and commercial directors.

Her career as an on-camera parts model began in New York City, while working as a stylist on a cover for Fairchild Publication’s trade magazine, Footwear News.  When the art director lamented, “We really wanted a foot for this shot,” the photographer shared that Marlon had been doing runway modeling at fashion footwear shows. Suddenly, all eyes were on Marlon, so she hopped up on the set and slid in the shoe. Fairchild gladly continued to book Marlon as their #1 foot model for years, because she’d handle the styling and edit the photos, too.

Little changed. Fashion photographer Matthew Ralston once exclaimed, “We love booking Marlon because of her experience on both sides of the camera. She understands all the considerations of the production, so getting the shot is lightning fast.”

Internationally famous portrait photographer, Walter Chin said, “Marlon, what you do with your toes has more expression than half the faces I shoot! You make my job very easy and I laugh the whole way through.”


Marlon Braccia

Shoe Size  6

Inseam  29”

Dress Size  4

Brunette Hair

Green Eyes

Glove Size 7-7 1/2

Ring 4 1/2 or 5

(323) 696 2756


Marlon Braccia has the prettiest parts in LA!